Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who needs an MPC for hip-hop beats?

I was over at my cousins house last week and we got talking about music. He's always loved messing around in my studio and has finally started making his own beats. I was listening to them and they're pretty damn good considering he's only been doing it a few weeks.

So I ask him to show me what software he's using and he says "Sonic Producer". I was like, "WTF is Sonic Producer"?! Long story short, he had this pretty awesome application for creating beats and I'd never heard of it before.

I ended up buying Sonic Procucer and I've been fuckin with it all week. Best fun I've had in a long time. No learning curve, just get stuck in and make beats FAST. 


I knnow a lot of you who read this blog already have MPCs. and Ableton Live, Pro Tools etc, but if any of you are thinking about getting into making beats, Sonic Producer will have you knocking out great beats within a couple of hours. Just remember to show Sampledude some love when you're all famous and stuff!

Make Your Own Beats! | Beats Dr. Dre

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