Monday, February 15, 2010

Crate digging, beat battles, "Spanish Symphonic-Progressive-Flamenco-Rock"?

While soul, funk and disco are still main staples for hip-hop sample freaks, there is a growing trend of sampling Krautrock, Psych Rock and Garage (American 60s garage bands, not UK "reeeewind"!)

Check out Boon Doc going all psychedelic on YouTube:
Pretty badass.

I was diggin for wax in a market recently and came across an old record from Triana, circa 1970s.

Not much info about them online but they are described on LastFM as a"Spanish Symphonic-Progressive-Flamenco-Rock band", which sums up their sound pretty well.

There were a few guys on Crate Kings looking for a sample for a Beat Battle, so I uploaded a snippet of one of the Triana tracks, Hijos Del Agobio
The original track is about ten minutes long.

Check out what they did to flip the sample here.
Occidental was the deserved winner in my opinion, but it was great to see the different ways people choose to flip their samples.

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